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Pupils from Jubilee Park Academy created this portrait of 'a very stern' Queen Victoria.
Pupils from St. Nicholas School in Somerset created this 3D version of their school logo to provide a focal point for their weekly achievers.
This incredible sculpture was created by pupils from St. Mary and St. John School in Birmingham as part of their Multi-Faith art project.
This is one of two 'Bookshelves' created by local groups for the newly renovated 'Literary and Scientific Institute in Bridport.
An incredible 3D Relief T-Rex created by Year 1 pupils from the Edgar Stammers School in Walsall.
This Roman inspired mosaic was created by children from Charmouth Primary for their Harvest Festival
This 'Motherboard' sculpture was build by pupils from Hargate school to display in their computer room.
This incredible Chimpanzee mask was made by pupils from Shrubland Street Primary School along with various other 'Endangered' animals.
This Viking Warrior was created by Year 3 pupils from Ferndale Primary School